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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adventure Chicken Ingenuity

I gave a head's up last night on Twitter that I'd taken a video of one of the Adventure Chickens catching a ride on Maisie's back.  You know that's gotta be good!  In my excitement over that I forgot that I'd taken a couple shots earlier in the evening.  Now, looking back, I'm wondering if it's just a coincidence that Lila is the chicken's choice in (wide) backs or if they purposely team up every night. 

 Whether Lila likes it or not ;-).

Kate and I had everyone locked out last night while I put down some dry straw after two days of pouring rain.

This particular chicken likes to sleep in the outside sheep stall, up high on my 'out of Graham's reach' working shelf.  

She's gotten old (or smart) enough that she can't fly up on her own.  She uses several sheep to help out...starting with Maisie.

Yep, that's the face we know and love ;-).

Watch what happens next! 

This is long (3 minutes) and sort of like watching grass grow if you aren't into interesting animal behavior, but oh sweet, sweet Petunia.

So here's a chicken question for you.  I've been offered eight laying hens - older, not chicks.  I still have four old hens here.  Very old hens - probably close to nine or ten I'd guess.  Our chicken house is a decent size for twelve hens, but I don't want to over stress my old girls by bringing new hens in.  Is this an issue?  Any suggestions on how to integrate two flocks?

*     *     *     *     *

Speaking of questions, I've had several about calendars, mugs and yarn.  I'm going to do my best to have some available for Saturday.  I know where the mugs and yarn are, but I have to find the box of calendars packed away in the house.  As far as mail order...I'm hoping to be able to start that next week.  I so appreciate everyone's patience.

And while the Hug a Sheep Party was not designed to be a shopping party, don't forget that this year we have some special guests bringing some goodies Saturday as well :-D.  If you've been to the wool festival, you probably already know them, but here are some faces to put with the names in case you don't.

Sweet, sweet Hannah, (ewe fluffly ewe) who really is that sweet.  I'm looking forward to her helping carry the sweet load around here Saturday in case I've 'done used up all my sweet' by then ;-).

The talented and also sweet Melanie from A Yarn Well Spun.  We are holding out hope that Daniel's yarn will be ready, but will still have a ton of fun if it's not!

And Tonya, (Flat Creek Wool and Pottery) also very sweet and a fabulous shepherd and potter...and somehow I never got a picture of her actual face in all those festival years.

See you Saturday!  And for everyone too far away, don't worry, another very sweet friend of ours, Amy (Auset Images) is coming to take lots of pictures for us.  Maybe she'll bring her harp as well :-D.

And yes, all my friends are sweet...but you already knew that :-).

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