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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If You Really Want To See...

I took these pictures this morning thinking that most of the demolition was done.

Poor Betsy.  Comby and Eli have hunkered down under the porch and Claire Bear is hiding at the barn.  She's pretty comfortable with that arrangement as that's her normal hide out, but after hours and hours of rain yesterday, she was politicking to move into the Wool House last night.

I think it's interesting that the kitchen's original long ago color was light green, much like the "old" kitchen.  I had already planned to keep the same light green and cream color scheme, but it makes me happy that it's an "historical" color.  Not that the green is still there now.  Yep, they decided they needed to just go ahead and completely gut everything this morning.

The laundry room and bathroom were added to the house by closing in a porch - I'm guessing in the 50s.  It appears that a major remodel was done then as our old furnace (serial number 9) was installed in 1953 and that would have been when they dropped the 10' ceilings to 8' to accommodate the duct work.  How exciting it must have been to get a fuel oil furnace and indoor plumbing!

Interestingly, the porch way back then was gray and white, just like it still is today.  I now don't feel so bad about not being able to come up with any significant ideas for color changes.  I like it as it was probably because that's the way the house liked it.  I hope it likes the updated new old colors.

The house used to be a creamy yellow plank.  We know that because when they removed the drywall here in the bathroom to move all the old plumbing into the walls, the old siding was still there.  Yep, more demolition :-/.

The contractor and I were talking yesterday morning about using wool insulation.  If I'd known we were going to end up taking all the ceilings out and that the outside walls really didn't have much insulation, I'd have looked into ordering wool house insulation.  Wouldn't that have been cozy?

Turns out there was some "wool" insulation in the bathroom already.  It isn't sheep wool, but a mineral based product.  Still, seeing the words "long" and "wool" and "Spintex" brightened my afternoon a little :-).

It does look pretty woolly.  At least it wasn't asbestos :-o.

The porch.  Sigh.  Do you see why I'm having trouble embracing all this?  At least we do have a refrigerator plugged in and usable.  And yes, that is our toilet over to the left.  Throw in that case of Mt. Dew and KFC bucket (not ours ;-) and we are a stereotype for sure.

20 and I moved out to the camper!  What a treat it is to have somewhere quiet and clean to hang out.  And with indoor plumbing!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

A little bathroom humor for you...  We decided someone should really stay in the house at night so the dogs and cats would be more comfortable and we weren't leaving the house wide open if someone figured out we'd moved out to the barn.  Tim "volunteered".  As he stepped out the door last night to pee off the porch he said "It's raining in my bathroom!"  When he came back in he said "And there's a possum in my bathroom (under the bird feeder)!" ;-D

Here are a couple pictures to clean your visual palate.  I took these Monday afternoon before the deluge of rain.  The bees have really been busy this fall.  I hope there are still some blooms left after it dries out tomorrow.  The lavender got pretty toasted by the frost last week, but there are still a few purple blooms.  I covered these blanket flowers and the porch and mailbox flowers.  I wish I could cover everything.

Speaking of the forecast, the weekend looks okay.  If it's sunny tomorrow and Friday we should be okay for parking by Saturday afternoon.  Looking forward to seeing some handknits!

I've had quite a few folks email for directions, which is exciting.  We're going to be sort of lost without kbdoolin and debky (Ravelry names) this year, but sounds like we're going to make some new friends - silver and gold :-).

Are you ready to come out and hug some sheeps?  

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