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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

It's Almost Time To Come Out And Hug Some Sheep


You gotta love sweet Petunia :-).

Mobbed by the kids.

And Baba (Blossom).  See her peeking in from the back?  I love to watch how they all act and react to things.  And look how big Miss Liddy's getting!

"Um, maybe this isn't such a good idea!"

"That's better."

"Free hugs, eh?"

Baxxter was completely taken with 20.  He kept coming back over to see him.  I wonder if he remembered when 20 had to babysit him when he was a lamb?

"I'm real sorry I was such a brat."

"That's okay.  I thought you were pretty stinkin' cute ;-)".

Isn't 20 just the best :-).

*       *        *        *        *

Don't forget National Hug a Sheep Day is October 31st this year.  It's always the last Saturday in October.  I hope you have something fun planned!

We are once again hosting a Hug a Sheep Farm Party this year.  It will be from 1:00 to 4:00 that Saturday and we'll have the usual activities - sheep to hug, sheep to feed (NOT TOO MANY) cookies, dogs to feed (NO COOKIES WEASLIE!!!), spinning and knitting, lots of interesting sheep and fiber talk and this year something extra special!

One of my favorite Kentucky Wool Festival vendors, Tonya from Flat Creek Wool and Pottery, was not able to set up at the festival this fall.  One of my other favorite festival vendors, Melanie from A Yarn Well Spun, had purchased Rebecca Boone and Daniel's fleeces this past spring and had yarn spun from both but didn't get it back from the mill in time for the festival.  

I really missed seeing both (Tonya and Melanie's yarn ;-) at the festival, so suggested they set up a "trunk show" at the farm party this year.  And you can't have a yarn party without one of my other favorite festival vendors, Hannah from ewefluffyewe, so she's coming, too :-D.  I'll share a little more on everyone in a few days.  I can't wait!

Things are pretty hectic here right now as we've started a major renovation project at the house.  I'm so glad I took those pictures with the porch flowers the other evening.  The lower porch is now gone :-/.  Don't worry (I keep telling myself).  It will all be back good as new soon (I keep telling myself). Surprisingly the major demolition in the kitchen doesn't really show that much (Just kidding - my kitchen isn't that messy...usually ;-).  

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