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Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Sheep With A Lot To Say

Now that it's not a million degrees by 8:00 in the morning, the sheep don't hurry in from the field as quickly as they did in say, October.  Buddy is one of the "old guys" who gets fed a little grain in the morning.  The breakfast club watches for me, races back in for "cereal" and then usually just hang out  in the barn waiting for the rest to come in.

I'm not sure if Buddy wants to go back out and graze some more or if he has a friend out there he'd like to have come back to the barn with him or if he's just looking for some encouragement to make the trek back out.

Regardless, he'll stand at the back of the barn and holler.  And wait for a response.  And holler.  And wait for a response.  And holler...  Buddy has a big mouth.  I had the camera handy the other morning and decided I'd "record" this morning ritual.  I ended up with a bunch of pictures that all look exactly the same.

You can scroll back and forth between these two shots and get a real feel for it ;-).

What I should have done was actually record it with the video function.

Hey, it was early.

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