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Monday, November 7, 2016

Frost On The Pumpkins

We've had a couple frosts now. That's the only part of fall I don't like. All the flowers are going gang busters...and then a couple cold nights...which inevitably turn back warm for many more you don't want to let the flowers die off too soon.  I love my flowers.

I cover as much as I can around the house and Wool House.  I use the shearing sheets (which are now so easy to get to :-).  In the morning, as soon as the sun hits the front of the Wool House, I pull the sheets off and the Blanket Flowers get right back to work.

Bees of all sorts work the Gaillardia all fall.  Big bees, tiny bees, green bees, honey bees...  I'd love to know what they are thinking when they fly in for breakfast and find everything covered up.  There are always a few already climbing around under the sheets, probably complaining.

Or maybe they are relieved to see the blooms still safe and sound.

Some puzzle fun for you :-).  I'll try to get a picture of bee rush hour this afternoon.  Almost everyone was headed home last night by the time I thought about it.

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