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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Busy As Bees

I spent most of the beautiful weekend inside, working hard trying to get the new Farm Shop updated. Luckily I needed to take pictures of the new calendars, new mugs, new bags, new wreaths... and conveniently the light outside was perfect.  Actually, it was probably a little too bright, but it was a good excuse regardless ;-).

We've had several frosts now and a hard freeze last night.  It dropped down to 25 last night and I lost all the marigolds in the dye garden, but the early morning sun out front helped carry the blanket flowers through.  That was a huge blessing not only because I am still enjoying all the blooms, but Iso are all the bees.  

A bee for every flower! And see the orange on the flying bee? That's the pollen they are gathering from the flowers.  Covering everything with sheets at night has given them a few extra days to load up their pantry.  I'm glad to help!

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