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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sheep Trick Or Treat


Hank: "What's ever'body running for?"

Maisie:  "Stella and Auntie Reg are here!  It's Sheep Trick or Treats!!!" 

Note Maisie still swings her tail like a propeller when she runs and is still always out in front :-D.

"Treats please!"

"We got tricked!"

"But we also got treats!"

20 loves Tricks or Treats, too!

"You got any treats for us, Miss Stella?"

I decided Bullwinkle shouldn't have to dress up as himself, so he went as Rocky.  As we were making the costumes, Stella and I discussed the merits of hot glue versus the sticky felt and KNEW that hot glue was better, but decided to chance the sticky felt...and sure enough, there's a loose tab on Levi's Bullwinkle costume.  We're going to stick to hot glue ;-D.

Even the chickens got some treats.

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