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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Tale Of Two (or five) Webs

Between my fascination with spider webs and bird nests, it's no wonder I'm drawn to fiber arts.

Here are some interesting (at least to me) morning finds:

The thick and thin of it.

What it would probably look like if I tried to build a web.

Doesn't this look like something that should be in your grandmother's jewelry box?

More Christmas tree bling.

Look closely - I found this tiny web between two rocks in the country sidewalk.

Spinning and weaving all around me.


Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

some awesome macros. Thx.

DayPhoto said...

Your photography is amazing!


flowerweaver said...

These are beautiful! I wish people weren't so afraid of spiders. Did you know that spider webs can be used as a styptic to help stop bleeding?

Alice said...

The grandmothers necklace web is my favorite. I find it amazing that they can make these webs with so many straight lines and I have to use a ruler to do a fraction of what they do. And I'm not as delicate. Great camera shots and a good eye for small things.

Rayna said...

The top web on the bottom of the picture looks like a funnel web grass spider...just had a lone male in the house last night...I'm mildly afraid of The webs are wonderful though!

Christine said...

It was gorgeous (and creepy) here this morning with all the fog. Sadly I was in a rush and couldn't grab my camera.

Great shots.

moresecretwhispers said...

these are gorgeous! i'm glad you shared them :)

WildBlack said...

Great findings! Beautifully captured, The art of webbing. The 3rd one is the coolest one, lovely composition :D
A photo tip: a full framed web looks more attractive in B&W than in colour. Try it next time, you'll see the difference :D
Have a good day Crazysheeplady :D

lisa said...

So cool! Very nicely done!

Mom L said...

Lovely! I like to look at spider webs as long as they don't clutch my hair!! Walked into quite a few in my hiking days. These are lovely - thanks for sharing.

Nancy in Iowa