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Friday, September 18, 2009

Those Dirty Boys

I've had several requests for a picture of Keebler's face. I completely understand. If he didn't still act like my little baby, begging for cookies and wanting to take naps with me, I'd never know he was the same sheep either.

This also brings up issue of the dirt on these two boys. The difference is amazing, isn't it? Why are my lambs so dirty? We have good grass, clean straw in the stalls, no dirt patches anywhere.

Is it the type of wool? Are these longwools greasier than my other sheep? I don't think so - well maybe Buddy - he's pretty greasy. But so is Henrietta and she washes sparkly white. There are no super dirty tips on either Peabody or PeePee.

Is there anything I can do to get them clean?

At least it all blends together. And I guess antique ivory is technically a color. And it could be purple (and I'd take a picture of it for Sunday Stills this week!) and I'd still think it was fabulous...because it's Keebler's ;-).

By the way, I'm going to spin this thin - fingering weight-ish - and Stella and I are going to start a lace scarf knitalong this winter. Stay tuned.


Christine said...

Aww, that doesn't look anything like Keebs. Reminds me of one of my Mom's dogs. When they bring it home after a grooming the other dogs don't even recognize it.

You know it's funny my Rose is dirtier than the other girls. She's also a lot greasier. Interesting.

Claire the Shepherdess said...

Oh he's adorable still, but definitely a big boy now!

VioletSky said...

Keebs will always be special, no matter how much he tries to disguise himself by growing a new face.

Anonymous said...

Have you washed and picked and carded Keebler's fleece already? That is fast action!

He does look all grown up. They don't look dirty, as in earth dirt. They look nicotine stained, which we all know They Are Not. It is interesting. Do grass stains go ochre? Do they graze under oak trees and get stained? Wild.

The lace sounds terrific.


DayPhoto said...

He is a grown up! With all the charms and handsomeness of a teenager! And we all remember how handsome we thought those teenage boys were when WE were teenagers.


Ed said...

Grown up or not he is still the Keebster..:-)))

Alice said...

Keebler and Graham look far older than their 7-8 months age. I hope you have fun and fond memories while spinning his wool into some cool yarn....far more important than the shade of white.

Nancy K. said...

I just started a lace scarf with some Alpaca yarn and a pattern that I bought at the WI. Sheep & Wool Festival.

Whatever you make with Keeb's wool will be an Heirloom...

dibear said...

Too, too cute! Still Keebs. :) Is that GL in the background? They got big!!!

Pam said...

Keebs, you are one handsome boy! Ifyou still had your cajones, the girls would be lined up outside the barn door!
GL, you're pretty good looking as well, and I bet you have great hearing!

Denise said...

oh the boy is growing up....a lace weight scarf sounds just perfect! Those 2 are camera hounds aren't they? How cute