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Saturday, March 7, 2015

An Unceremonious Start

She'll stop when she realizes she's lost her Cheerios ;-).

I thought I'd just be posting Maisie's Iknitarod button, some pictures of the yarn at the ready, the pattern I've chosen, the swatch I (finally!) worked on yesterday, some race info...and then I went to the barn this morning.  You will Not Believe what happened to poor Maisie.  Yep, it's Iknitarod time!

I was just getting ready to set some fresh hay out back when I heard a snow slide start rumbling down the barn roof.  Of course there were sheep everywhere, including Maisie.  Somehow, as the wall of snow fell, everyone managed to get out of the way...except???  Yep, the Danger Lamb.

"What the heck???"

"I really don't know how this stuff keeps happening to me."


So, yes, the Iknitarod starts this afternoon.  For anyone who hasn't lived through the last two years here, the Iknitarod is a knitting challenge that follows the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.  We cast on during the Ceremonial Start and if your project or goal is completed by the time the Red Lantern is extinguished, you "win".  It's the highlight of my year!

You can click the "Iknitarod" label below or on the right to read all about our first two races.  They were both exciting and (mostly) fun.  Maisie figured strongly in both, so I've been waiting all year to cast on for a Maisie sweater!  This will be another tough challenge, but I'm jumping at my harness :-). 

I have pictures of the yarn, my swatch, the pattern...  Normally this would all have been shared before now, but wow, things got crazy here, eh?  I'll try to get caught up over the next couple of days.  I still have tons of snow pictures that I want to share.  Having trouble fitting all the good stuff in really isn't a problem at all! 

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