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Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Fine Memory

After the big rain turned to snow, the temperatures kept dropping.  As night fell, a thick fog rolled in...or maybe it rose up.  I don't know, but I do know it was beautiful.  

When I went out for a night check, the moon was completely full and super bright reflecting off the snow.  No flashlight needed.  I read in one of my sheep magazines that this was the yeaning, or lambing moon, but I can't find anything online to verify that. I like it though, so lambing moon it is ;-).

I stood for awhile watching the fog drift around and listening to the fence planks starting to pop as it got colder and colder, now single digits.  I wasn't cold.  I couldn't get over how I could see all the way to the back pond when normally I can't see past the arena gate.  "Come on Hank, let's go for a walk."  He was thrilled.

I did think about the dangers of running into coyotes back there so I didn't let Kate and Weaslie come with us.  Neither needed to be negotiating that deep snow anyway.  I barely got through, up over my knees.  It was so beautiful though that if it hadn't been so deep I'd have probably walked for hours.  

We made it all the way back to the big pond.  I looked to see if the muskrats had been out, but couldn't see anything.  I watched quietly hoping to spot an owl or a fox or heck, even a coyote, but we were alone in the quiet.  Well, not completely alone.  My friend Linda was out taking a midnight walk with her dog as well.  We were all in good company.

The next morning.

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