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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Do Sheep Smile?

My original plan when I took this picture the other day was to use it to "throw Maisie under the bus" for sleeping while I was working so hard on her sweater...and other things ;-).  She was completely cashed out with her head down on her front feet and her little piggy tail all curled up next to her.  By the time I got back out with the camera she was awake.

I took several pictures of her from several different angles through the end gate and as I was scrolling through the thumbnails (tiny versions of each picture) a few minutes ago, 3267 looked like her mouth was straight and 3268 looked like it was curled up in a smile.  Now I can't see it.  I'm probably losing my mind.  

Still, I do think my sheep look like they are smiling much of the time.  In fact, I think a few of them seem to know that I'm taking pictures and like really mugging it up for the camera.  Follow the labels for Petunia or Ford and see if you can find one shot that doesn't look like they are cheese-ing it up :-).

Maisie may very well be smiling in these pictures.  It was a warm sunny day, perfect for a late winter nap.  And what was she looking at while smiling?  Her best friend, Hank :-).

1 comment:

Terry and Linda said...

YES! They smile!!