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Saturday, March 14, 2015


So it finally stopped raining (for one day :-/) and the farm began showing signs of life.  You wouldn't have known we had sheep here for the last three weeks.  The horses stayed front and center, but the sheep had holed up in the barn and barn lot and only I knew they were still around.

First late winter/early spring nap.

Hank taking a lap.  This picture was taken only hours after the first shot.  The change in grass color is partly due to the fact that the sun was starting to come out and reflecting differently, as opposed to still cloudy with the first picture, but also, you really could see the grass starting to turn green throughout the day.  

And the sheep left the barn.

With Hank by their side.

Baaxter thought Woody was a little too close to Blossom's side and wedged them apart.

So he could have Blossom all to himself.  Short spring romance :-).

"Baaxter, you're silly.  She's not interested in you :-)."

Even the old guys came out.  I'm so proud of how well they came through the winter.  Those two old guys are tough!

It's been awhile since I could take golden evening pictures.  My favorite time of day.

Graham and Maisie.  The last pictures in full fleece.

And that's a lot of fleece!

Shearing went well.  I took a ton of pictures and some videos.  I'm way behind on the Iknitarod as I'm sure you can guess, but I'm going to keep plugging on in hope.  I can't say I'm "knitting on with confidence", but I refuse to give up.  It's the Maisie way!

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