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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunset On The Iknitarod Trail

I've put together two pretty good [knitting] days in a row and I'm feeling a little less sick about not being able to finish the Maisie sweater before the Red Lantern is extinguished.  In looking up the link above, I found this one and it says...  "She's fighting her way on through, doing the very best she can..."  I guess that's a pretty good motto for this year's race :-).

Gorgeous sunset this evening after a warm, sunny day, so warm I had to go sit on the shady porch. Blech!

My view from there wasn't too bad though - those are some happy sheeps :-).

I worked on the body for awhile and then decided to set it aside and go back to the sleeves so I could go back to the "mindless" body when I got too tired to think clearly tonight.  That was s a good plan. It's a little after 9:00 p.m. and I'm hoping to knit for at least an hour after I get this posted.  Mindless will be good necessary.

Some of my favorite stitch markers.

I think the sleeves are pretty.  I knit 4 rows on one and then switch to the other, back and forth.  So far they match each other spot on :-).

I have a set of directions for each sleeve and I keep them straight by using two different stitch markers.  This one is a sheep.

Stopping for evening chores and a beautiful sunset.  At this point I have 8" done on both sleeves and 7 1/2" done on the body.

Mushing on!

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