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Friday, March 11, 2016

Note To Self

If your knitting bag is made from a feed sack...

...don't take it in the field for a sheep shot :-o.

Baaxter got about 3 seconds to see his sweater.

"We just wanted to, um, look at it."

"What were you thinking?"

Much safer to hang out in Del Boca Vista for the afternoon - this was actually Wednesday.  I spent too much time visiting with the sheep and taking pictures and didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but still felt okay about things.

Yesterday I headed into some tough trail with some "purl through the back loop" that made me think of the mushers crossing The Burn.  I still hoped to finish both sleeves last night, but got off trail and did a bunch of fun "purl through the back loop" on the wrong sleeve and had to back track and re-start.  

I don't think I'm mathematically out of the race yet, but I really need to have a couple of good knitting days to catch up.  Here's a trail shot from the end of the day Wednesday. 

And some snow shots.

Sweet Liddy is definitely her momma's girl.

We both like to play in the snow :-).

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