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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shearing Day

Liddy's a big girl now :'-(.  Each year it gets harder and harder to let them grow up.  As long as they're still fuzzy, they're still babies.  Remember the story of Kate not thinking Liddy was a sheep? Interestingly, now that she's shorn, Kate doesn't think she's a baby anymore either.

She was the best behaved lambie ever.  This was no surprise.  Honestly, she's been the best little lambie all her life.  Each lamb is different, just like kids, and Liddy's super power is being sweet and no trouble.

I didn't get very many good pictures this year, but here are a few.

Daniel "getting his ears lowered".

Blossom/Baba looking on and Petunia gearing up for battle.  She was actually on her best behavior this year.  Not exactly Liddy Good, but definitely not Petunia Bad.  She takes real offense to being sheared.  Bill might finally have her trained ;-).

Speaking of trained...  Doesn't it look like she's smiling?

"See, I'm a good girl.  Don't believe all those stories you hear about me."

"Lean over here a bit more so I can bite your face off!"

"Oops, did I say that out loud?"

Stella kept us all straight and thankfully remembered Renny's sheet.  I'd forgotten, and while Renny could probably not care less, I'd have been sad to have forgotten.  Thanks, Stella!

Being up to your elbows in Murphy's fleece is not a bad place to be :-).

Bill shearing PPPP and Dustin shearing Baaxter.  Dustin is Bill's nephew.  Their family has been shearing for generations.

Update from the Iknitarod Trail - we made it under the Burled Arch before the Red Lantern was extinguished.  Pictures coming.

Lamb Camp is in full swing :-D.

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