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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tales Of The Tails

This is one of my favorite ewes.  I think she's very "handsome".  I'm not saying that in any sort of derogatory way.  While she's not exactly "feminine and petite", she's a ewe I always see and think "now that's a nice ewe".  If I was building a ewe flock, I'd want her in there.  And she raises nice lambs.

Look at that tail spinning.  When lambs are latched on and nursing well, their tails goes crazy.  If you see a lamb looking like it's nursing, but no tail action, be suspicious of a problem.

Round and round they go!

And mom is not actually complaining.  She's just calmly chewing some cud while she lets her lambs fill up.  Isn't she a nice ewe? :-)

The Training Center, Cynthiana, Kentucky.

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