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Monday, March 14, 2016

The I-Begin-Again-A-Rod

Backing up a couple days...some scenes from the trail.

Our girl, Amelia. She's everywhere :-).

The finished sleeves.  Six days of hard knitting.  Well, not hard, but long hours.  Even with a simple pattern, these sleeves just take a long time.  They fit perfectly.  I like the pattern going up over the shoulders.  I love the color, perfect for a hard working farm sweater.  The problem?

The yarn was just not spun the way it needed to be.  I started the body and just hated it.  Way too thick. The sleeves were borderline too heavy, but within acceptable range (for me).  I tried two different skeins to start the body and after hours and hours of stewing on it...

20 volunteered to do the deed.  He's always a good sport.

He's got my sled back upright and ready to hit the trail again.  The race is not over!

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