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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Some Happier Snow Faces

Chocula, reviving his role as The Contemplative Sheep.  Look, Baaxter, he's even smiling! ;-)

Over exposed Murphy, but I think it's an interesting shot.

Baby Belly

Spud.  Look how similar he and his brother Hershey look.  Neither mind the snow one bit.

A disclaimer - Hershey is one of the very most handsome sheep I have ever been around.  That being said, if you let your mom cut your hair and it grows out funny, pushing your awesomely cool dreadlocks off to the sides, and then she takes your picture during a freak snow storm...  

Other than this unfortunate (but hilarious) picture, the "special cut" he got last spring has worked well all year and we'll be repeating it later this month.  I kept it clipped short most of the year, but let it slide the last few months.  Doesn't he look like some weird uncle from the 70s?

The happiest face of all.  My new favorite picture.  Two of my very favorite subjects, Liddy and snow, and I love how she's looking at me.  If you can look at this (click to biggify) and not smile back at her, well, I just don't want to know.

Off to knit for the afternoon!

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