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Sunday, June 26, 2016

And Stood There Amazed

I witnessed one of the most amazing sunrises yesterday.  It had cooled down a bit overnight and a nice fog rolled in.  I took a couple iPhone pictures of the horses and then the sheep, posted them to Instagram (which I'm actually finding quite fun!), grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out to give Bullwinkle his "cereal" (but No Baba :-o).

The sun began peaking over the hill as I hit the driveway.  Wow, that's pretty I thought.  Really pretty. Wow, I've never seen the fog look pink under those trees like that.  Wish I had my big camera. Wonder if I can catch it at all with the phone.  Click click.  

The blazing red sun climbed higher and the beams of rose colored sunlight washed over the sheep. Yikes!  This is just stunning.  Wonder if I should run get the big camera.  (!)  You know if you leave, by the time you get back, this will be over.  Just watch.  Enjoy.  

When the sun hit about mid crest, everything exploded in color.  Exploded.  I was dumbfounded.  I took a couple quick phone pics even though I knew they would in no way convey the incredible beauty.  I was glad I didn't have my big camera because a. I'd have missed actually seeing the sunrise by trying to take pictures and b. they too would not have done it justice.

Only when the sun completely broke the horizon did I allow myself to run for the Wool House for my camera.

Renny, as a not quite as early riser, missed being in the sunrise but I think enjoyed the view.


I couldn't decide which of these I liked better.

Maisie, looking angelic in a ray of sunlight.  Or a tractor beam getting ready to beam her back up ;-).

My iPhone shots.

The black dots at the bottom of the "explosion" are sheep.


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