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Friday, June 17, 2016

The 2016 Great American Barn Yard Camp Out

Well, we are two nights down in the transition to the barn.  He woke me up several times the first night "Momma?"  "Hey baby, you okay?"  "I guess so."  "Okay, go back to sleep." "Okay."  and a few times last night.  I'm hoping tonight he'll sleep on through.

I sleep out there with them for a few nights just to make sure they aren't any more stressed than they have to be.  During the day I try to take/keep them out there as much as I can and we graze and nap in the barn so they get used to their new home.  

Usually I really enjoy hanging out in the barn, but this has been the hottest "camp out" ever.  Even with an extra fan blowing right on us yesterday afternoon we were all pretty close to miserable. Luckily the nights have cooled off enough to sleep, but the fans are running 24/7 these days.

Cashed out by my cot.

Waking up for a few seconds and then back out.

Poor Baba with her gate pillow. 

This is how we all feel.  Groggy.

But then, when you wake up and you are hungry, you can just walk out the door to eat even if your mom is too hot to go out with you.

Hershey is currently winning the fan war this year.  The big fan is sandwiched between the two gates.

The view from my cot.

A closer look at handsome Keebs.  At least there was a good breeze yesterday.  It helped a little.

You have to have a sheep pillow case for sheep camp!

Oops, he must have heard the camera clicking.

"Is it baba time yet?"

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