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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Momma's Little Ray Of Sunshine

I was doing some (apparently boring) work in the barn the other night.  It took longer than I'd thought it would and when I got done I looked around for Bullwinkle and couldn't find him.  With some lambs (cough Baaxter) this would be very bad, but I trust Bullwinkle quite a bit...or I wouldn't have let him out of my sight in the first place.

Kate and I looked out in the yard but didn't see him.  Hmmm, that's odd.  He usually grazes in front of the Wool House.  I checked around the back side, no "baby".  As I walked back to the barn, I saw him. He'd taken himself out to the side field and was grazing away like a good boy.  I guess he's ready to move to the barn :-/.

"Move to the barn?"

This is some of my favorite light.  Shining into one of my favorite paddocks.  On one of my favorite sheep.  I got a bit carried away.  But that's okay.  It's all fleeting, so enjoy.  

The sunbeam shots are all SOC (straight out of camera, meaning no editing or special Instagram filters...).  This last picture of Bullwinkle and Kate was taken at the same time, but from a different angle - facing the neighbors not the road.  Shots from this angle could be pretty too, but I think the golden sunbeams make the other pictures magical.  

Here's a new puzzle.  This was a really fun one to work :-).


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