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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Stillness

We got up this morning, well, Bullwinkle got up this morning, went out to graze with Baba in the barely light, came back in and woke me up at 6:00, we went to the house for babas (small 'b' is bottle, big 'B' is Blossom, plural babas means I got coffee ;-) and cereal and then happily went back out to the barn.  I took these pictures on the quiet walk back to the house.  

The light had been perfect so I grabbed my camera from the barn.  I missed the best of the light, but these are not too bad.  Early mornings are about the only thing I enjoy about summer.  Well, lightning bugs.  And purple martins.  Barn swallows and bats.  Lavender blooming.

....I thought I was on a roll there, but that seems to be the end of my list ;-).

Billy Belly


Burrnie, Chocula, Baaxter

Hank came out to make a yard loop this morning, but stopped when I stopped, but never took his eyes off his sheep.

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