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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Good Morning!

Baaxter was the first lamb who Had To Go Out first thing in the morning.  He was so rowdy that I was just happy he had something to do while I tried to drink coffee and catch up with him each morning. Liddy was much easier.  She'd graze for a bit and then come over and snuggle up for a long nap.

Bullwinkle likes to eat.  He wants to get up early and get out there.  I've got him staying (pretty) quiet until 6:00 and then we get up.  And go eat.  He'll check in with me for a couple seconds, but goes back to eating.  He'll check in again and then back out to eat.  The third time he comes over he'll lay down and take a nap.  With a full tummy :-).

All the cats come out with us.  And Kate.  Tilly hangs out on the porch until she thinks there might be some food involved.  She's not an early riser.  It's light even though the sun hasn't crested the trees.

It's really not darker now that the sun is coming up.  I metered my light for the sunrise, which darkened everything else up.  The sheep and grass actually look more like the next picture...but the sun is blown out.  It's all give and take.  Which do you like best?

That's Andy and Liddy on the left.  The early risers.  Some sheep really do like to sleep in.

Bullwinkle, doing a little weed trimming for Saint Tim :-).

And a purple martin coming in, for kbdoolin :-D.  This is the second year for the martin house.  We had one pair that settled in and raised (I think) three babies.  I believe they are raising a second clutch.  I'm hoping we'll have even more living here next year.

There are some more fun morning (and evening) pictures on my Instagram feed.  Yes, I'm now using Instagram.  In my spare time...  Sigh.  It's actually pretty fun.  Give it a try or just follow along.

Good morning!

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