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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Assigned Seats

Casper Belly is always sleeping with her mom, Emily.  Hershey is always by the big fan.  Murphy is always near the big fan.  I predict next year he makes a move to unseat Hershey.  Try to help me remember that.  That's Allie peeking in the front.

Poor Buddy.  That wall can't be that comfortable, even with an ear pillow.

Here's the odd(est) one, Woolliam.  Woolliam never sleeps outside.  Never.  He sleeps in the inside stall in the back corner.  For years that's his spot and no one ever challenges him.  Or if they have, they've never won.  Even though I know he wouldn't be out here if he wasn't so hot, I think he's adorable sleeping on his straw pillow.  No one sleeps like Woolliam.  No one.

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