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Friday, July 31, 2015

Two Full Moons In The Same Month

Last night the full moon rose early, high in the still light sky.  I sat out for a good while watching it and enjoying the cool, (for a change) evening air, smuggly plotting how I'd get a perfect shot the next day.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the ISS (International Space Station) went whizzing across the night sky.

This evening it was completely dark (?!?) when the moon finally crested Stella's hill - not ideal for a good moon shot.  Tim was trying to finish mowing the upper paddock and I tried for a picture of that. I like this one of him coming up the hill to the barn best - lots of bugs for our bats :-).  One of the fall moons is called the Harvest Moon.  Maybe this is the Mowing Moon ;-).

It's actually a blue moon.  And while it looks tiny in this picture, in real life it was HUGE and I couldn't figure out a way to capture that at all.  I love watching the moon all month long, but I especially love a full moon.  Two full moons in one month is a special treat.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.

You might think my favorite blue moon song is Blue Moon of Kentucky, but it's actually Once In A Very Blue Moon, sung by Nanci Griffith.  The best version is from one of my favorite albums, One Fair Summer Evening.  Enjoy!

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