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Friday, July 17, 2015

How To Get Removed From My "Client" List

If I make two custom projects for you and inexplicably, coincidentally and though no fault of your own with both I end up in brutal dental appointments, I'm probably never answering the phone when you call again.  Just saying ;-o.  Your sheep is pretty cute though.

I haven't made any felted sheep in forever.  They take a lot of time, are hard on my hands and I (kind of crazily not crazily) find it hard to adopt them out because I worry that they'll end up in someone's dog's mouth or kicked into bits by someone's cat (yes, both have happened and not just once :-/).  

When I make them, each one turns out exactly how they want to and it might not be exactly what I had in mind when I started.  I've had laying down sheep that refuse to lay down, sheep I want to be looking to the right that only want to look left, one ewe refused to be posed with her lamb even!  

I used Blossom's wool for this sheep and guess what...she ended up looking exactly like fluffy (not fat ;-) Blossom!  Isn't that fun?

I had some fun trying to figure out how to pose her on the porch railing.  I wanted to see the sheep in the background so played around with my aperture setting so they would be clearer (small aperture, long depth of field, say f18) or blurrier (wide open aperture, short depth of field, maybe f3.2).

Sheep only tend to cooperate for so long though and I could see her starting to look off longingly towards the barn.

And then out to all the crazy green grass that we never have in the middle of July.  Being Blossom, that grass is sure tempting.  Which is maybe why she's ;-).

1 comment:

Terry and Linda said...

All the felted sheep I have purchased from you are high up in special display my house and the house of my friend.