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Saturday, July 18, 2015

If You Are Having Trouble With Your Camera

The first thing I'm going to tell you to do is...all together now..."Read your owner's manual!"

What was the last thing I did today?  Yep...  


Actually, sweet Kate would never laugh at me.  She's had plenty of opportunity, but I really don't think it's ever crossed her mind.  I think she's just yawning.  Or panting hard.  We are all panting hard.  It is way too hot and humid :-(.

I've moved the Del Boca Vista annex into the front half of the barn, opened up the back half of the barn aisleway to provide a little more shade and breeze for the rest of the sheep.  Several, especially Spud, are way too hot and I'm worried about them.

I also took quite a few really awful pictures this afternoon.  In fact, I've had a lot of frustrating camera shoots lately.  I FINALLY thought to look on a Nikon forum to see if anyone else had ever had their camera randomly change shutter speeds every freakin' shot.  They sure did!  And it was an easy fix...aka operator error.  Sigh...

Try to stay cool!

1 comment:

Terry and Linda said...

It's so hard to remember to read how to do things...sigh!