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Monday, July 27, 2015


Liddy hangs out used to hang out with her aunties almost all the time. She'd come out into the aisleway to eat lamb cereal twice a day and hang out with me while I did  morning and evening chores, but she'd been happy to go back to her endless salad bar and cushy fence plank bed.

Saturday morning I was putting together a metal stand that I could set the Del Boca Vista Annex fan up on to maybe get a little more air flowing into the rest of the barn aisle.  I asked Liddy if she'd like to come out and help.  She did.

Halfway through I had to make a quick run to the house help a friend with something on the computer.  While I was there I decided to grab something for lunch.  As I walked back to the barn almost an hour later...I remembered that Liddy was loose in the barn!  I took off running, fearing the worst - pillaged bags of wool, chewed off flowers, lamb level electric cords :-o.

Not to worry I got lucky.  Most sheep would have ransacked the entire place.  Liddy?

"I love when the fan blows my ears back!"

She spent the rest of the afternoon there, cuddled up next to her favorite bag of hay.  I had to use a Cheerio bribe to get her back to Blossom and Lila.  Now every time I'm in the barn, she's yelling to come out - not to see me, but her beloved fan.

This might be my toughest weaning yet!

In case you missed these on Twitter:

Spud is feeling much better.  Whew!  We sheared the bellies of Hershey, Woolliam and Murphy over the weekend and that seems to be helping them.  We added another fan to the middle stall and the open aisleway and extra water tank has been a popular addition.  Other than keeping plenty of salt set out, there's not much else we can do.  I hate summer :-/.

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Terry and Linda said...

OH! I'm so glad Spud is doing better.