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Sunday, February 28, 2016

A CPW Play Date

Last fall, when two Kentucky spinners ended up at the same New York fiber festival playing with a nice CPW (Canadian Production Wheel) for sale (that I ended up buying :-), we laughed that we were going to have to have a CPW play date when we got home.  Pat already had a CPW as did another friend, Debbie (debky on Ravelry).  

Spin Ins are not uncommon.  Spin Ins with three antique wheels (I'm guessing each wheel is somewhere around 100 years old) are a bit rarer.

Spinning (or knitting or crocheting or weaving...) with a cat sitting on your lap - not uncommon (as anyone with a cat knows ;-).

Being able to spin with a cat AND and dog - a bit rarer :-D.

Debbie and I did some wheel maintenance and Pat happened to have a new bobbin that didn't fit her wheel, but fit mine perfectly, and she was able to get my wheel's excited chattering down to an acceptable purr.  

Check out these neat shoes.  They are see-through to showcase your hand knit socks!  I think those were hand dyed, too.

What a fun afternoon.

Even if you'd maybe rather have gone for a walk ;-).

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