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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Always Good For A Laugh

When I got up Monday morning, I thought I was taking Graham to the vet clinic to get a mouth x-ray.  He'd been losing some weight and we were pretty sure he had a tooth issue, which is common with older sheep.  Not usually a big deal.

I don't ever like to haul a sheep by itself, especially an older one.  As with most things in life, having a buddy with you always helps.  When we took Maisie to Hagyards, I rode in the trailer with her.  I picked Maisie to ride with Graham.

And why did I pick Maisie?  Well, um, let's to put this, um, delicately...Maisie has a big boob.  She always has what the vets and I refer to as her "fat girl boobs".  Right now one is extra fat and I wanted it checked out.

I tricked her into the trailer with food (partly why she has "fat girl boobs" ;-) and then led Graham in behind her.   When we got to the clinic we unloaded Graham, I gave Maisie a flake of hay and told her we'd be back in a few minutes.  We weren't back for over an hour.

Graham collapsed in the hallway, they pulled a blood sample, his numbers were awful, there was something very wrong with his liver that the chances of fixing were pretty much zero, we talked to several other vets to make sure, Graham calmly sat next to me, the vet cried as much as I did as she gave him a shot and he laid his head across my lap just like he did when he was a baby, a class act to the end.

And then we had to carry on.  

As we walked outside, I carried Graham's bell to the truck and quickly warned the vet not to open the trailer door until I got back there.  She knows Maisie and completely understood ;-).  We carefully slid in and I slammed the door behind us and heard "Oh my goodness, what's on her head?!?"

I took one look and knew exactly what she'd done.  I just had to figure out what she'd done it on. Maisie had eaten as much of the hay as she wanted, felt like she'd stood there as long as she should and with no people around to punch (the little darlin' ;-), had head butted the next best thing, the aluminum trailer divider post.  

"Yeah, I know.  I'm kind of a little stinker."

Maisie's boob doesn't seem to be anything serious, probably just a weird hormonal issue...which would probably explain a lot about Maisie ;-). We are supposed to keep an eye (and hand :-o) on it and wait and see.

"I'll let you feel my boobs if you scratch my butt [to distract me]."

The things we do...

Don't judge me.  I've been on the receiving end of that aluminum block, I mean, black head ;-D.

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