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Friday, February 26, 2016

A New Adventure Chicken

Back around Christmas we took in a small flock of chickens from a friend who was having some health issues.  Three of our four old hens had moved into the barn during the summer, so we set the remaining hen next to her sister the first night and settled the new chickens into the coop on the horse side of the barn.  That's where everyone (except one) stayed for many weeks.

I can only guess that the new chickens peeked around the end of the barn their first day out, saw the sheep or maybe the old hens and beat it back to "safety"on "their" side of the barn.  They are quite happy (?) to hang out in and around the horse stalls and that's where they have stayed.  They don't even venture down to the creek (!).

One red hen, however, took full advantage of her new situation and not only quickly came over to introduce herself to the old hens, but also the sheep, or maybe especially the sheep.  She happily started snacking on the DBV breakfasts, scratched around in the sheep stalls and headed out to graze the big fields with them.  Way out in the big fields.

Kate and I took the sheep out to the pond field this afternoon.  They weren't super excited about taking a forced march even if there is good grass back there and after not too much time, beat it back to the barn.  Several were jumping and bouncing and I was snapping pictures and didn't notice the red hen until everyone was gone.

"Where'd everybody go?"

I know!  It's a nice afternoon and those sheep are just being silly.  Kate happily brought them all back out and we moved into the lower paddock.  Sure enough, the red hen came along.  Comby has a new walking companion.  A true Adventure Chicken!

She loves her sheeps :-).

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