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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Life Is Much Easier With A Dog

After we re-treated six still punky sheep Saturday afternoon, we decided to open up the side lot (Buddy's favorite field) for a few minutes as a little moral booster for everyone (including us).  Plus, by doing that we'd be able to get a different look at everyone and ended up pulling in two more to re-treat.

Later they went back out there for a little while and when I went out for a late afternoon check, City Boy came with me.  City Boy is Saint Tim's brother from Chicago.  He and Janbaby were in for the weekend and yes, even though much of my weekend was spent in the barn, Janbaby and I still whipped them in Spades, four games to zero :-D.

City Boy loves Kate so I knew he would enjoy seeing her doing her job.  He brought his camera out (of course) and caught a really nice short video.  There's Kate being perfect, the sheep being sheep, Weaslie being her usual obedient self, Baaxter being Baaxter, Liddy being Liddy and some hillbilly commentary from me.

"Come bye" means go around the sheep to the left.

"Lie down" means slow down.

"Weaslie or Tilly or what are you doing?" means absolutely nothing if you are a Corgi ;-).

"Liddy is not a sheep" means (I'm guessing) since Liddy grew up in the kitchen with Kate, Kate no longer sees her as a real sheep.  On time Liddy was in the driveway, headed to the house and I needed her to come back.  I sent Kate to "go get the sheep" and she ran right past Liddy, looking frantically for some sheep to get :-).

"Much easier with a dog" means just that.  Kate is a huge help.  Into the barn, into the working pen, no stressing the sheep, no keeping the vet waiting.  Plus, no matter how stupid you are, your dog still loves you.

On a completely unrelated note, Meridian Jacobs (my favorite Jacob farm) is hosting a Baa-ble Hat KAL (knit along) and has invited us to join them.  I had big plans for already having my first Baa-ble hat re-knit by now and Jan and I were going to spend the weekend dyeing yarn for hats for both of us to knit along, but that obviously didn't happen, so the fun post I had have planned to tell about it isn't ready yet either.  

I don't want anyone to miss out on some good fun though and wanted to post a quick note about the KAL so if you are interested you'd still have time to gather supplies...  I'm hoping today goes a bit smoother than yesterday (the start of the new, new kitchen renovation :-o) and I'll be able to do a proper post about it tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's a link to the official post.  Yes, there are prizes :-D.

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Terry and Linda said...

I so is SO much easier with a Dog!!!