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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Perspectives On Hank

The sun was in and out yesterday afternoon as the clouds rolled through.  Overcast skies are the easiest to work with, especially if you are photographing animals.  Sunshine and blue skies are usually, but not always, prettier.  It's all pretty to me :-).

Overcast - soft light, no distracting shadows, good colors.  Hank was excited to have some back field company and he quickly made his rounds, checking for any new news.

Now the sun's out.  Too early to catch the "golden" light, the sheep are dark, everything has an almost harsh look...but still pretty to me because of the subject matter.

Hank is still in the same spot, but I moved around behind him, thinking I was just including the sheep.  Still a bit harsh, but the blue sky sure adds something.

I need to check my light metering settings - just for curiosity.  Notice Hank is much brighter now, but the sheep are darker?  I wasn't really thinking about what I was shooting, just recording scenes and honestly, that's fine.  Just getting out to shoot is what's important sometimes!  I also like the balance between ground and sky better with this picture.  And Woolliam giving Hank the stink eye.  Subject matter rules :-).

Here's a fun puzzle for you.  I set it up for 200 pieces, but it would be a good one at even more. Remember you can change the number of pieces yourself using the "Play As" feature at the top right. You'll have to click the puzzle piece at the bottom right on this screen to get to that feature on the puzzle site.

Have a great weekend!

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