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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Count The Legs And Divide By Four

There's an old joke when counting large groups of animals that you just count all the legs and divide by four.  I thought that would be fun title for these pictures and decided to look to see if there was a story of origin.  Of course there is :-).

The anecdote is attributed to Reub Long, an Oregon rancher.  From Wikipedia...  What an interesting life.  I'm glad I looked!

Once, after standing on the top rails of a corral above the thick dust covering a bunch of running horses, almost all of them paints, he dropped to the ground as the gate swung shut and announced, "By golly, boys, I'm a rich man; I've got 42 head of horses!" A woman standing close by looked at him in utter amazement and blurted out, "How could you count all those horses, Mr. Long ... Why ... There was so much dust you couldn't see your hand in front of your face." Reub looked at the woman almost apologetically and said, "Why it was easy, ma'am, I just counted all the legs and divided by four."[1]  

So how many lambs did Baaxter's mom have this year?

Foxglove Farm, Lexington, Kentucky

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