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Thursday, May 19, 2016

The 2016 Fleece far

As I was well prepared for after the winter hay season, the fleeces could have been better...but they could also have been way worse.  Several have been quite nice, so I'm rather encouraged about some of the rest left to skirt.  

The entire month of May has been either raining, cold, windy, some combination of the aforementioned or else a brief window where we can jump on the tractor and try to keep up with the overwhelming grass growth.  So yes, Bullwinkle and I are scrambling to have enough fleeces ready for the festival this weekend.

Quality Control Officer...for the plastic bags.  What is with this boy and plastic?

Kate babysitting.

Beanie Baby

Lila.  There's a lot of Lila to love again this year.

And a lot of Baaxter as well!  I divided his fleece down the middle to offer as two halves.   

While a pretty color, it's not super soft.  However, it's Baaxter, so someone or two someones may want to spin a fleece of great character. 

More babysitters.  Betsy keeps working on him and he loves his Auntie Reg.  Speaking of Auntie Reg, she's making quilted project bags and has four really cute sheep/knitting themed bags ready to add to the booth.  

Did anyone see Talladega Nights?  If so, remember the part where Ricky Bobby gets to drive the race car for the first time and his buddy Cal runs over and says something about "remember when we got kicked out of biology for playing with match box cars?  Who's retarded now!"  This is Andy, the why would you want that rogue sheep?  What a pretty fleece!

Nap time - what a good lamby.

One more.  It was getting late and both Bullwinkle and I were tired.  Spud had had an emergency re-shear in the heat of the last summer and I figured his fleece was going to be a throw away this spring. He's an over achiever.  Look how much it grew in just a few months.  No wonder he nearly had a heat stroke!

Today Bullwinkle, Kate and I are headed to Channel 36 to help do a promo for The Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival and The Bluegrass Classic Stock Dog Trial on the noon news.  We'll skirt some more when we get home.  I'm looking forward to more happy surprises and hopefully some local folks will find some happy surprises this weekend as well :-).

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