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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

When We Last Saw Our Hero

He was being carried around the fiber festival.  Yes, just one week ago, I could still carry him around. 

There's not much room to sit on the large dog bed with him anymore :-o.  I could still pick him up on Saturday, but by Monday evening it was all over.  I've never had a lamb grow as fast as Bullwinkle.

"She says that likes it's a bad thing."

I think it's time you moved out of the house and off the porch, big fat lambie.


"It's not very nice to say things like that."

"There's just a lot more of me to love!"

*      *       *       *       *

Sorry for the delay announcing winners for the festival giveaway.  City Boy and Janbaby were here all weekend and Jan and I were too busy beating Tim and Jeff in Spades to remember we had other things to do.  Ah, good times ;-D.

Since we had three winning cute lambies in the running, I let draw three winners - Yarnkettle, Small Farm Girl and Katie.  Suess has a little something from the Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium for Yarnkettle and Bullwinkle and 20 will be sending some new Lamb Camp cards to Small Farm Girl and Katie.  Please drop me an email with your mailing addresses :-).

I'm working to get the Farm Shop updated with all the new Punkin's Patch goodies and a few fleeces still waiting to be skirted.  We'll do a couple more giveaways this week to make that all more fun :-D.

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