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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tongue Out T(ewes)day

While I don't really enjoy Facebook, I've long been a Twitter fan...when I have time.  How Suzanna of @Zwartbles Ireland fame manages to post so many darling pictures and vines (short videos) all day, every day while doing everything else she does over there, I have no idea, but I can promise you she is worth a follow.

One thing I especially enjoy about Twitter is the "hashtags".  You can use a hashtag to find important, up to the minute information, for example #ymmfire, track cute pictures of #Bullwinkle, see what farms are like around the world #farmlife or join in some silly fun with Jimmy Fallon, for example, #momquotes.

Today is #TongueOutTuesday (everything) or #TongueOutCoosday (cows) or #TongueOutEwesday (sheeps).  You can follow #TongueOutEwesday to see all sorts of cute and/or funny sheep and lambs caught with their tongues out.  My picture for this week is not very obvious, but has a funny story behind it.

I was sitting down (the best angle for sheep pictures) in the field at The Training Center one evening far enough away from the group of sheep so as not to disturb anyone.  A big ewe and her two lambs were nibbling at the minerals in the blue feeders and turned to face me and then started walking over.

I didn't think much about it other than how cute they looked "coming over to check out my camera" and snapped a few pictures of their approach.  When she got about 10 feet away, the ewe started stomping her foot.  Uh oh.  This was not a social call.  I scrambled to my feet.

Later I realized it had been Miss Piggy and her two Piggly Wigglies.  Miss Piggy wasn't a bottle lamb, but for some reason is (usually) exceptionally friendly for a flock sheep.  I've been in her field enough times with the camera that I can't imagine that was what was bothering her.  I think it might have been that I was sitting down.  

Regardless, between the expression on her face and her two lambs licking their salty lips sticking their tongues out at me (you'll probably have to click the picture to biggify) I think this picture is funny.  Lamb Camp continues!

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