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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yarn Along - The 2016 Kentucky Sheep And Fiber Festival

20 had to wear his rain gear on Saturday, but was able to ditch the rain coat on Sunday and just wear his mud boots.  With the sides zipped down on our booth we were out of the weather and warm and dry, but welcomed the sun on Sunday just the same.


I'm not exactly sure why I picked Petunia for the festival this year.  She's getting some years on her and I worry about stress on all my sheep, but especially the very young or the not so young.  Well, thank goodness for Petunia!

Hershey (hugger extraordinaire), Spud (sweet as they come) and Woody (I'm sure everyone is going to give me a cookie) were apparently having flashbacks to last year's deluge of rain (or something) and decided they wanted No Part of hugging sheep Saturday.

Petunia finally gave a big sigh and stepped up to the front of the pen.  "I'll handle this boys."  She talked to everyone, especially little kids and even baa'ed back at a little boy who baa'ed at her.  It was very clear that she understood there was a job to be done...and did it.

When Elizabeth got too old to stay with the main flock several years ago, everyone wondered who'd take over as the lead ewe.  I was surprised when Petunia stepped up.  There were definitely bigger/stronger personalities in the group, but a calm, clear thinker is always the best choice.  Long live the queen!

The booth.  For some reason it never goes together the same way twice.  This year's set up was especially disorganized, but it came together in the end.  As always, a huge thanks to everyone who works so hard to make everything look so good.

New Lamb Camp cards.

A new design.  I'll post some better pictures later this week.  

A couple of Reg's project bags.  Better pictures coming as there are neat details to share.

The new design on a handy tote.

And a new Mug Shot Mug.

I won Reserve Champion with my Renny yarn :-D.  Can't wait to start knitting!

"I was good on Sunday.  I swear."

Yes, you were Woody.  Everyone had a much happier second day and I appreciate your hard work teaching folks about sheep and different wools and how to best eat cookies and crackers ;-).

There was more to enjoy in the livestock tent.  Bullwinkle might not have been the cutest lamb there :-o  Or was he?  There'll be a Cutest Lamb contest (with prizes :-D) tomorrow!

*     *     *     *    *

While I've handled a lot of yarn lately, I haven't knit anything in forever.  Now that lambing season and intensive bottle lamb season and wool festival season is winding down, I'm chomping at the bit to get started on a couple new projects.  So much fun stuff to do and so little time...

Bullwinkle and I listened to a good book while we were preparing for the festival - the new release from Fredrik Backmann, Britt-Marie Was Here.  I wish he could write a new book every week!

Joining in with Ginny and looking forward to being back next week with some actual knitting to share!

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fale artut said...

It looks really lovely, good woek!
Sending to Sweden, is that possible?