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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Poor Betsy

I don't know if they just got off to a bad start at the very beginning or if Bullwinkle is just "not a cat person".  They do share the hay pile on the porch pretty amicably, but he sure wasn't happy with her attention last night.  Of course it had been a long day of never ending cold rain, so we were all pretty, um, tired.

I've had some questions about how the new kitchen is working out.  Everything has been fine.  The new floor is a little too slippery for tiny hooves, but I keep a bunch of towels down for traction and, well, you know... ;-)  I think we may have hit a new low in house keeping standards last night though with all the wet dogs, cats, people and lamb.

Here's a short video that ought to bring the health department running ;-o.

"I'm not really a crabby pants.  I just don't like when Betsy throws her tail in my face."

"And I really wish my mom would come sit down with me but she's eating dinner so I'll just wait here patiently because I am a good lamby."

"Or maybe I'll wait over here." 

"It's good to have lots of choices, especially if you have to share your house with Betsy!"

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