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Sunday, May 17, 2015

2015 Kentucky Sheep And Fiber Festival

This is me and Liddy on our way home from the festival yesterday.  Yes, she rides in the front seat of the truck with me.  She knows the drill.  Walks around to the driver's side door, waits to be hoisted up into the front seat, I get in, start the truck and about a minute down the road she lays down next to me and within a few minutes is asleep, with her head on my lap.  Cutest. Lamb. Ever.

We got poured on off and on all day yesterday, but the crowds were pretty good and lots of fun folks stopped by to meet the sheep.  Quite a few even braved hugging on the boys and that's saying a lot.  If you've ever felt a lanolin-y wet sheep, you know what I mean ;-).  Liddy was tucked in the back of the booth and did just the best job all day.  Thanks Auntie Reg for your always awesome babysitting!

The fleeces did very well!  Blues for Murphy, Woody and Chocula.  Spud got a red (I'm guessing behind Murphy).  Murphy earned a Champion ribbon as well and Woody was Reserve in his division :-D.  It looked like quite a few entries, so I am hugely flattered!

Liddy and I are getting ready to head back over this morning.  It looks like the weather is going to be better today - the sun is shining right now :-).  There are still a few fleeces left, including Chocula's ,which they let me bring back to the booth yesterday afternoon.

Come see us :-).

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