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Friday, May 15, 2015

Tee Peek

The t-shirts turned out really cute!  I decided to go with the plain white shirt because I wasn't sure how light blue the light blue shirts were going to be.  That ended up being fortuitous because the festival's t-shirts this year are light blue.  Whew!  

The artwork...since the thoughts were pretty mixed with that as well, I decided to go with everyone actually standing out in a field ;-).  Besides, the blue and green is kind of my signature non-Christmas card look and heaven forbid I try to stretch myself a bit ;-).  Speaking of Christmas cards, there is a tag in each shirt bag with a diagram of all the characters, just like the Christmas cards.  

The shirts will be $16.50 for sizes S through XL.  2X are $18.50.  I will have them at the festival this weekend and then available on the website after that.  

Hope you like them!

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