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Friday, May 1, 2015

Some Fun Facts About Liddy

Well, we'll start with an un-fun fact.  Liddy's mom had her and another big lamb out in the field, where Kathy found her nearly dead because her mom only loved the bigger, probably first born lamb.  Liddy was tiny, maybe was weak to begin with and didn't behave normally, who knows.  

Kathy brought her in, got her warmed up a little, tube fed her some colostrum and put her in her truck with the sun shining in - the lamb incubator.  That's where Reg and I met her.  I didn't think it looked good, but Kathy worked with her all day and I even got to tube feed her myself and somehow she made it through the night.

The next morning Kathy put her back in with her mom for a couple of days and she was able to nurse some but she was slow and so small and couldn't compete with her big sister and finally, again, her mom said "Enough with this silly baby."  Over the next few days Kathy tried to graft her on to another mom, but no one would take her.  

"Can you believe that?"

When it was obvious she was destined for the lamb bar, but was still too small and not super strong to compete with lambs even a week younger than she was, I decided to bring her home.  I wasn't ready for a lamb yet, but she needed a mom and I couldn't resist.  I was very worried though that at 8 days old, she wouldn't really bond with me like my new babies do.  

I had nothing to worry about.  What Liddy really wanted most out of life was a mom.  Someone who'd talk to her, rub her ears, let her snuggle up for naps, keep her warm, give her lots of babas and love her.  Her favorite thing is still taking a nap curled up next to me.  Any time I sit down, she comes right over and tucks in.  She's sitting on my lap as I type this....with one hand...which is why I'm going to wrap it up.  Whew!

Some fun facts:

Liddy has two spots on her back.

And amazingly long eye lashes.

And a gray neckerchief :-).

And those jungle print knees!

Oh, and she's 1/4 Suffolk and 3/4 Texel.

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