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Monday, May 11, 2015

Who's My Big Brother?

Why it's Baaxter Black! :-D

LannieK was the winner for her guess.  She'd guessed Woody (a good guess) and also asked how Woody and d'boys were doing.  They're all a little jealous of Liddy (or maybe it's just Baby B who's jealous ;-), but I think they understand she's their little sister and especially Spud loves to stand at the gate talking to her.  

They are also getting excited about the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival this coming weekend! They'll be there working hard (they hope) in the festival's Hug a Sheep booth to benefit the local FFA and 4-H groups.  The hugging booth will be "open" from 1:00 to 3:00 both Saturday and Sunday and the rest of the time they'll be free to mug you for a FEW cookies and crackers.

I'm getting excited about the festival, too.  I have several fleeces I think are competition worthy and a skein of yarn to enter.  All the 2015 fleeces are skirted and look great.  The t-shirts (!) are supposed to be delivered today and I'm very nervously waiting for them.  Saint Tim's working on the new set of Lamb Camp cards and Auntie Reg and I are working on some hand painted spinning aprons.  

Liddy has been helping with sleeping through (which really is a help!) everything, especially the skirting.  I even had to hold her for her Mug Shot.  That's supposed to be the Maisie sweater I'm wearing and a white turtle neck...although now that Auntie Reg has pointed it out to me, my neck does look really long.  Long and thin!  Yeah, that's what it is ;-D  

Come see us!

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