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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Somewhat Comprehensive List Of Things Liddy Will Eat

Tortilla chips
Soft taco shells
Fried okra
Ice cube chips
Corn Flakes
Saltine crackers
Vanilla Wafers
Redbud leaves
Four leaf clovers*
Three leaf clovers*

*Only if you hand feed them to her while she sits on your lap.

Liddy is one of the smartest lambs we've had.  She does amazing things like negotiating how to get around a gate (we've had dogs that couldn't figure that out!), when we are going somewhere, she goes and stands by the truck door and is now even putting her feet up on the running boards, she almost always goes into her kennel crate to pee and once I had to wait for her to get in the truck because she wanted to pee first.  Uncannily smart!

One thing she's had trouble with from the start though is eating.  Go back and look at the list.  Do you see sheep food, grass, hay on that list?  Yeah...  And sure, you can say she's just spoiled (see note about hand feeding) but all of my lambs are spoiled.   And they all quickly figure out how to eat. Most will sleep through the night by one week old.  Liddy is still waking me up anywhere from 2:30 to 4:00 a.m. because she's hungry...and has a bowl of food and hay right next to her.

I've tried a couple different types of hay and yesterday I broke down and bought a bale of fancy alfalfa/grass mix hay from TSC.  Designer hay brought in from out west.  $17.49 a bale.  She had great fun eating the plastic wrap.  Guess I should add that to the list. I'd normally insert one of my (probably annoying smiley faces here, but after almost five weeks of not getting a full night's's really not that smiley ;-).

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