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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Different Kind Of Camp

If you are only here for the cute lambie pics, scroll quickly to the bottom. If you'd like to see something really cool, read on.

We finally got some rain yesterday afternoon.  Yes, after months of too much rain, we were now starting to get too dry and the temps have been more like July than May :-(.  Liddy, Kate, Tilly, the cats and I rode out the storm on the back porch.  When it was over, we headed back out to "play".  I went to the lavender garden to pull weeds while the dirt was soft.

As I picked around, checking each plant for signs of growth after a winter that was too cold and too wet for most lavender, I was happy to find only 10 plants needed to be replaced.  I noticed one of the dead ones had a strange seed head or something stuck in it.  I looked closer.

Tiny tiny tiny seeds of something...  Wait, I know what this is!  I ran to the house to grab my camera.

After years of carefully watching these egg sacks, I was finally getting to see one hatch out!  I've been dying to see this!

Little baby writing spiders !!!

Hundreds, maybe a thousand.  So tiny, less than the head of a pin.

Welcome to the garden, everyone :-D.

A Liddle something to bring your heart rate back down ;-).

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