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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

While It Appears That All She Does Is Sleep...

Well, she does sleep a lot - momma's little couch potato ;-).

"I love sleeping with my mom."

Any time I sit down out in the yard (or kitchen, bed, couch) Liddy comes over, paws a couple times, her knees buckle, then her back legs and down she goes, tucked in right next to me.  She wiggles a time or two, tucks her nose into my elbow if she's near my waist or tucks it over my leg is she's down by my knees or feet.  Asleep.  

After awhile she stretches a front leg out, then another, then makes some sleepy groans and stretches her whole body and then she's really asleep.  She'll sleep like that for a good long while and then, when your back is cramped and your butt is tired and you'd love to be able to get up, so you start talking to her, rub her back, "wakey wakey little Liddy"... you get the sleepy eyes above.  And you keep sitting there ;-).

Just to prove she does get up and play...occasionally.

Thanks Auntie Reg and Valerie for the videos and pictures :-).

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