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Friday, December 11, 2015

Good Point

While everyone was in agreement that the Orneries were pretty darn cute, it was quickly (and frequently ;-) noted that Maisie would surely not be happy about wearing that [stupid] red bow.  True dat.  I think this tag (which could actually be it's own ornament) would help meet her approval.

While I am very happy to make Maisie Orneries for you, I think having a kit option adds some extra fun.  

Each kit contains a cut out sheep shape, enough Maisie wool to wrap it extra fluffy, a piece of Maisie's yarn leftover from the sweater for her tail, a piece of red Lamb Camp yarn for the [stupid] bow, a tiny brass bell (because you know she'd love that haha), a piece of fishing line I pinched from Saint Tim for a hanger and a Maisie Christmas! tag.

I didn't print out a set of instructions for each kit because I think the tutorial from the other day works pretty well.  It's noted on the back of the tag and I've posted a "blog button" for an easy link.  I also didn't include a felting needle because you really don't need it and leaving it out makes this a fun project for children of all ages ;-).

The kits are $5 each.  A completed Ornery (also with matching tag) is $7.50.

Here's where it starts to get a little weird.  Shipping...  I tried really hard to stick a Maisie Ornery in a small padded flat mailer, but I couldn't go through with it.  Yes, I realize it's not a real sheep, but the thought of Maisies running through the rollers at the post office, possibly several times...even though that Does Indeed sound like something that would happen to Maisie....  

Shipping in a Small Flat Rate Box is going to be $5.95.  I hate that, but it keeps Maisie safe (and thecrazysheeplady a little saner - shut up! ;-) and if you wanted, you could stick a bunch of Orneries or some Christmas note cards or something else small in there for no additional shipping cost.  

P.S. I've really stressed over this (shipping cost), but finally realized that the folks who aren't going to understand this...are probably not reading this blog in the first place ;-).

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