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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa Andy

So the rogue outlaw has turned out to be anything but.  So much so that I've given him the name Andy because he reminds me of my old horse Handy, who also came with an actual bad reputation, not just for being a brat.

The weather has been crazy warm and everyone was out enjoying it today.  Stella came over to help me decorate the sorely neglected Wool House and then we pulled out some Santa hats and introduced Andy to "how things work around here".  He had a blast :-).

First one out the gate.

"Cookies?  Got it!"

"Wear a stupid hat and pose for pictures?  No problem!"

"Go out the other door to see if we could get some pictures with all the spring green grass?  I'll be the first one out again!"

"Back in to beg for more cookies?  I think I like this game!"

"He's a quick learner and I'm a good teacher." (See Graham's legs in the reflection?)

"This is the Wool House.  This is where the spinning wheels and looms are."

"Wow!  It's just like I always dreamed about."

He gave 20 a full introduction, but fat Graham was blocking all those pictures ;-).

Lots to check out.

"Well, I'll be..."

"This was as fun as you said it would be!"

Everyone needs a good friend (see T-Bone and Hickory in the background :-).

There will be a Christmas Eve cookie party tonight.  Don't forget to notice the moon.  It was gorgeous coming up over the front field this evening.  I

Here is a fun "practice puzzle" for my fellow puzzle junkies. I'm planning a big puzzle for tomorrow :-D.

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