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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Yarn Along - I Thought You Finished That Sweater Months Ago

 The Maisie sweater is finally really done. It's been missing buttons for almost a year.  

I felt like it needed some wooden buttons, but couldn't find exactly what I wanted.  I tried painting three buttons - one with Hank, one with Maisie and one with a heart.  They were super cute, but didn't look right on the sweater.  

And then I won a beautiful wooden carved tree necklace.  WoolyMossRoots was sponsoring a giveaway on Ginny's blog - a delightful read every day, not just for the Yarn Along - and I won :-D. 

Possibly it was fate or maybe I just got lucky.  Regardless, in finding their website, I found the perfect buttons for Maisie's sweater.  

I love how the intricately carved Celtic knot so closely mirrors the cables down the sleeve.  And it's wood.  And handmade.  Perfect!

And then, like in all good knitting photo shoots around here, someone has to volunteer to help.   Eli.

And then when they realize they are actually being helpful...they leave ;-).  Eli...

Sewing buttons on a knitted sweater is as close to knitting as I've come so far this week.  I am listening to a nice story, An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor.  Some of the voices are a little irritating, but the story is good - might be better on paper ;-).  A short story I thoroughly enjoyed was The Tree Nobody Wanted by Tom McCann.  

I love reading/listening to Christmas stories.  Any suggestions?

Joining in with Ginny...

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